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Planning Wage and Salary Programs (Planowanie programów wynagradzania)

Planning Wage and Salary Programs (Planowanie programów wynagradzania)

Autor: Howard Risher

ISBN: 9781579632021

Wydawca: WorldatWork 2009, str. 120

Today’s world of work is very different from the program that emerged in the decade after World War II. At that time, jobs were defined by detailed activities; workers were expected to follow orders; supervisors had a limited span of control; work was closely supervised. The workforce was also very different. Baby Boomers hadn’t entered the employment ranks; women were limited to “women’s work”; and the Civil Rights Act was a few years away.

But in the past 20 years, knowledge workers have replaced manual workers, self-managed teams have replaced close supervision and focus has shifted to market values rather than internal job values. All of these factors contribute to a very different environment for salary management. And, as companies consider their business and workforce plans, they should remember that employees enter pay discussions with a different orientation today than they ever have.

In this book, author Howard Risher, Ph.D., consolidates the body of knowledge needed to rethink a salary system in the 21st century. He looks narrowly at the planning and modifying of salary programs for the benefit of HR professionals with little or no prior experience in redesigning salary programs. With the chapters sequenced to follow the logic commonly used in developing salary surveys, readers will find a balanced discussion of principles and program alternatives that should be considered by every employer, public and private alike.